Weekend Install – These Parts are Easy to Install

So you have the mod bug but you don’t have time to rip your Audi, BMW or VW apart like we have done to some of our project cars here at Modded Euros.

Project MK6 GTI at Modded Euros
Engine removal in prep for Integrated Engineering Connecting Rods

Not only is time a factory but not everyone has access to lift or an extensive about of tools to do installation on their own. We decided to put a list of products and categories below that you can easily do right from the comfort of your home in minutes and see either some good horsepower gains or a nice styling improvement.

ECU Tuning

If you have been on ModdedEuros.com or talked to any of our team here, chances are you have heard the words come out of our mouth “flash your ECU.” No we are not a broken record. We just believe in flashing. You don’t have to go crazy but even a Stage 1 tune or piggyback can get you quick gains (as low as 30hp and as high as 100hp) in a matter of minutes right from your driveway.

ECU Flashing via OBDII

There are a few options available right now for this. Unitronic or Integrated Engineering offer at home programmers which allow you to plug their respective cable into your car’s OBDII port with the help of your laptop and in about 30minutes you can flash your car’s engine via the ECU to an upgraded software program. We should a nice intro video and common FAQ on Unitronic’s UniConnect+ below which as you can see is super simple to do right from the comfort of your home

Piggyback Systems

One of the drawbacks of flashing your ECU is if you are within warranty and take your car to the dealer while flashed you can get flagged and not be covered under the factory warranty. Granted you can flash your car back to stock with any of the devices we sell, some customers just rather wait to flash their car until after the warranty is up.

Enter piggyback modules. These modules plug into your car’s engine bay via the MAP and boost sensors and “trick” the car’s computer by increasing boost. Your stock ECU will auto correct for the small increase in boost to compensate. Serious gains will not be had with this route but if you are looking for moderate gains that can be added or removed in a matter of minutes and a few plugs, this is the route to go. Below is a video of our Project S3 which we ran the Neuspeed Power Module 64.10.15 . Neuspeed does offer various power modules for Audi/VWs which are an easy way to grab some horsepower and torque.

If you are driving a BMW and looking to get a piggyback setup, aFe offers their aFe Scorcher setups which easily add +40hp / +80 ft torque. And of course one of the well known names in BMW performance, Dinan, offers their Sport Performance tuners which are popular for select BMW applications.

Improved Stopping Power

It can’t be all about the go fast all the time. As you daily drive or track your car, your OEM equipment will start to wear. And if you have added some serious horsepower to your car, the stock brake setups sometimes just do not cut it when you need to come to a safe stop.

A quick and fairly easy mod to undergo at home is a quick brake upgrade. Whether you want to replace worn components with a simple brake service kit or improve stopping power with an aftermarket brake setup, we have a few options.

OEM Brake Service Kits

Assembled by Modded Euros, we offer a variety of OEM replacement brake kits to swap out your worn brake kits. These affordable kits are a direct swap for factory components and add new life to your brake system.

312mm Front Brake Service Kit
MK7 GTI, Golf , Alltrack, Sportwagon / 8V A3

Aftermarket Brake Upgrades

Don’t want to run another OEM setup and want to improve your stopping power a bit? Check out some brake pad upgrades. Popular upgrades are EBC redstuff brake pads or one step up for those who may want to hit the track periodically would be their yellowstuff series. These pads are a quick swap but big difference over your OEM pads.

EBC Yellowstuff Rear Brake Pads

Don’t forget while swapping out your brake pads you should check to see if your brake rotors are warped or not. A common upgrade over OEM for most applications are the StopTech slotted rotors which are available for various applications. These directional rotors are a direct OEM replacement that offer an increased initial bite and have improved weather response.

StopTech SportStop Slotted Rotors

Big Brake Kit

Ok this might not be what a weekend warrior is installing but since we are talking brakes we had to mention them as both Project MK7 and MK6 GTI’s at Modded Euros have BBK’s on them. If you want to tap the brakes and feel like you are gonna launch through your windshield from the insane response rate, a big brake kit is the stopping power you want.

StopTech Big Brake Kits are surely a leader in the industry. Offered in a variety of colors for that extra bling these kits come complete with rotors, calipers, lines and pads. Although they are considered for the serious track/drag user they do not pack a serious install process to be honest. They easily can be installed in a weekend at home from the comfort of your driveway with some basic tools.

Breathe Clean Air

One of the first mods many customers usually do is they sway out the factory air box for a cold air intake. But if you are on a budget and unsure you want to get a cold air intake just yet, it is crucial to pop open the stock air box in your Audi, BMW or VW to ensure it does not have a birds nest of dirt in there. A dirty air filter will starve your engine of nice cool clean air. And we all know that can’t lead to good results.

A simple K&N direct replacement filter will do the job just right. K&N is a leader in the air filter market for decades and they offer high performance OEM replacement filters for almost every application out there. Pop open your air box, chuck that dirty OEM filter and drop in a K&N in a matter of minutes to get your car breathing right again.

Bolt On Basics

Depending on what car you drive there are a handful of fan favorites that are quick and easy to install mods. Here are some top picks that are more vehicle specific:

2.0T Ignition Upgrade Kit

The 2.0T that is found in a ton of Audi/VW’s such as the MK5/6 GTI’s, Jetta’s (Up to early 2013) and various Audi A4/A6 models tend to have ignition issues as they age or even more specifically when you start tuning them. By replacing the stock ignition coils with OEM Audi R8 ignition coils and a set of NGK spark plugs you help prevent blow out and ensure your car is running just right.

MQB Turbo Inlet Pipe

Restriction is the enemy when it comes to horsepower. In the new MQB engines found on various 2015+ Audi and VW’s the stock turbo inlet was designed not with the best flow in mind. By removing this pipe in a matter of minutes you can improve the airflow for more power throughout the powerband.

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