Top MK7 GTI / Golf R Mods of 2019

Whether you just got yourself a stock MK7 GTI or Golf R or you are looking to refresh your existing modded car, here at Modded Euros we always are adding new performance and styling products to our shelves. These mods below are just some of our new additions in 2019 that are sure to heat things up.

Aerofabb Splitters

Looking to give your MK7 an aggressive look? No better way than to improve the front end. Whether you are parked at a car show or cruising on the street, a front splitter can give your MK7 the facelift it needs to stand out. Aerofabb is a new comer to the scene in 2018 by delivering some handmade in the USA exterior styling parts that are gaining popularity.

Not only are Aerofabb’s exterior splitters or wing extensions designed and manufactured right here in the USA, they have been tested to some extreme conditions. Cheap exterior parts snap off or just don’t last when it comes to daily driving or track use but Aerofabb’s designs not only last but last under some tough conditions.

ECU & TCU MK7 Tunes

If you have been modifying VW’s for a while you should be no new comer to the tuning scene. The fastest way to get some serious power out of your MK7 GTI / Golf R is to flash that ECU.

We have been big fans of Unitronic’s UniConnect+ since it rolled out years ago. And of course for the newer 2018-2019 models that are rolling out this makes them a popular option for the full MK7 platform. If you haven’t already check out our youtube video series on Project MK7 where we took a stock MK7 all the way up to Stage 2+ with Unitronic.

But Unitronic is not the only option for at home tuning. In 2018, Integrated Engineering rolled out their at home tuning solution for the MQB platform. More specifically the Golf R (as well as Audi S3 models).

Integrated Engineering ECU Tune for MK7 Golf R

The response so far has been great and gaining popularity. IE is expected to roll out their MK7 GTI ECU tunes shortly this year in 2019. We expect to see them to gain market share over some of the other tuners on the market who still do not offer at home tuning solutions.

Show Me Those New Shoes!

I don’t think we can have a list of top mods any year without mentioning aftermarket wheels. Although Volkswagen has been making some pretty nice looking OEM wheels, ditching those stockers for a set of aftermarket MK7 wheels will give your car a more unique look as well as pick up some performance gains.

Did we say performance gains from wheels? Most people overlook wheels as a way to add performance to their MK7. Not only are stock wheels on the hefty side but some aftermarket “scene” wheels as we call them here are pretty darn heavy. Ditch some rotational mass weight by going with a lighter and slightly wider aftermarket option and you will pick up some nice performance gains. Not to mention an aggressive styling upgrade.

So what wheels do we have our eyes on in 2019?

Neuspeed RSe142 Gloss Machine Silver

Neuspeed, Neuspeed and Neuspeed. Honestly maybe I am biased as I have owned numerous sets of Neuspeed wheels over the years but they truly make a wheel that is a perfect balance of weight, style and cost savings. Any of the Neuspeed wheels shed some weight over your stock wheels and keep some money in your wallet as they are an affordable upgrade. Pictured above is one of Neuspeed’s new designs which rolled out in late 2018. The Neuspeed RSe142 19×9 in Gloss Machine Silver. Offered in a variety of styles and sizes we highly suggest you check out the RSe lineup.

Ditch that Wheel Gap

So you picked out your new wheels for your MK7 and you mount them. Ut oh. Dreaded wheel gap. That space in between the wheel/tire and the fender. That ugly BIG gap. Does no one any good. Before you go cruising down the street and have your buddies flame you for wheel gap, you may want to check out dropping your VW. Now you don’t have to air our your MK7 with an expensive air ride setup to get the drop you need.

A set of lowering springs will do just the job. Dropping cars roughly 1″ or so they give the perfect ride height, stiffens up the suspension for a handling improvement and of course says goodbye to that ugly gap. A brand to watch in 2019 is Whiteline.

Whiteline Lowering Springs

Whiteline is no new comer to performance mods for any platform really but what they did introduce to 2018 which did not exist before was their aftermarket lowering spring lineup for select VW’s. Engineered for a superior fit these linear & progressive rate coils are manufactured in Europe and offer the highest quality of materials. You can expect drops of around 1.18″ in the front and 1.38″ in the rear for MK7 GTI models.

Turn Up the Volume

Your Volkswagen has some power or maybe its still stock and you are tired of that quiet commute and want to open it up. Exhaust modifications are by far one of the popular mods no matter what year or model VW.

In 2019 there are a few new comers to watch out for. If you are driving a MK7 GTI or MK7.5 GTI we suggest you check out DFG Tuning. There are tons of exhaust options available for the GTI but some of the things which separate one from another is quality and of course sound. Made in the USA is a growing trend we are seeing with companies like AWE who have been hand making systems for a long time in PA. Or on the BMW side of things, Soul Performance is also welding right here in the states as well.

DFG Tuning rolled out their MK7 exhaust suite in 2018 and it has been gaining popularity with our customer base. Hand made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty these systems deliver some serious sound.

Driving around in a MK7 (2015-2017) Golf R? Neuspeed once again is on our radar for 2019. The MK7.5 which is the 2018+ Models on both GTI and Golf R have a different rear valance which makes all MK7 exhaust systems not fit. Neuspeed just rolled out their MK7.5 GTI catback exhaust so we should be seeing their MK7.5 Golf R system rolling out shortly in early 2019.

Don’t Slip This Year

With more power comes more strain on your stock drivetrain. The stock MK7 clutch just cannot keep up with more horsepower, especially when you start tuning your ECU. In 2019, the brand to watch is DKM. And watch you may as this brand is so hot its hard to keep in stock anywhere right now.

Their performance clutch lineup is popular for all generations of GTI. But if you are looking to put down some serious horsepower maybe with a IS38 upgrade for the GTI or even the CTS Turbo Boss kit for both GTI and Golf R you will want to check out the Stage 3 Twin Disc setup by DKM.

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