VW Builds Track Ready GTI TCR for the Streets

When it comes to performance, it is no news to our fans that the GTI is the leader in Volkswagen’s arsenal. Rolling out the MQB MK7 GTI in 2015, Volkswagen delivered a car that responds insanely well to modifications. Couple bolt ons, ECU flash and your GTI can chirp the tires from a roll.

If you have not seen our Project MK7 Build check it out on youtube. Video Above: Stage 2 IS38 Upgrade on Modded Euros Project MK7 GTI

But if you are more a purist where you may not want to put your car under the knife right away but still want to enjoy a track inspired car you welcome the new Volkswagen GTI TCR. Unveiled last year at Worthersee Volkswagen meet, VW brought this concept car out from hiding with the full intention to go into production.

Now if you follow VW you may think “The same TCR track car that has a tuned 326hp version of the Golf R?!” but sadly the only real thing that is shared is the name as Volkswagen has just carried over the track cars inspiration in name only. But what VW has done here with the production ready TCR is deliver a new GTI TCR edition with a 286 horsepower setup that runs a seven speed dual clutch DSG transmission which will do 0 to 62mph in 5.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 155mph.

Image Credit: Volkswagen

So what about the body? Is this TCR just a sleeper GTI? That it is not. As the TCR will feature a front splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a TCR roof spoiler. Optional with either 18″ Belvedere forged wheels or 18″ Milton Keynes alloy wheels to finish off the exterior.

Image Credit: Volkswagen AG

Open the door in the new GTI TCR and you get a balance of luxury and performance. Two front microfiber sport seats, red accented seat belts and a uniquely designed steering wheel finish off the cockpit.

Image Credit: Volkswagen AG

So don’t go counting your pennies just yet if you are living here in the United States like us as sadly yet again Volkswagen AG has left us staring across the pond at our European friends as this car will not be hitting the US markets. Coupled with our long lost dreams of seeing other beasts like the Audi RS6 Avants, which if the rumors are right might be coming stateside soon, maybe VW will shortly follow the TCR european launch and bring this car to the states in the coming years?

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