Inside Look: What is a Turbo Muffler Delete?

On this series of “Inside Look” we take a look at a pretty common and simple mod to install, the Turbo Muffler delete. When it comes to manufacturing for mass markets automotive companies do not always build cars with the enthusiast in mind. Most consumers are looking for cars that have a happy balance of features. Whether it is gas mileage, not too much power, softer suspension and a nice quiet cabin. But on the other hand these features do not always go hand in hand with the die hard enthusiast.

This is where the turbo muffler delete comes. Cabin noise is the enemy of the everyday driver. They want to have a drive where they can only hear their radio while driving to work. But if you are anything like us, we want to hear that turbo!

Volkswagen designed the stock turbo muffler to do just that. Entertain the masses. Its design by intent was to do what the product name suggests, muffle the turbo. Well companies like DFG Tuning said, why the hell would we not want to hear that turbo spool. Nothing beats a nice crisp morning where you have to get up to go to work and its turbo weather. Nice cool crisp air ready to feed that turbo.

Welcome the DFG Tuning turbo muffler delete. And just like the factory name implies, this product name does the complete opposite, it “deletes” that muffler so that not only has a straight through design that flows better than OEM but it lets us hear that turbo noise!

Currently a few manufacturers offer their versions of a turbo muffler delete which covers a broad spectrum of Audi/VW’s lineup. Most commonly anything on the MQB platform.

Some aftermarket companies such as Neuspeed have incorporated their muffler delete in with a full conversion pipe kit. This has allowed them to increase the diameter of the turbo muffler delete plus pair it with their larger piping to thus increase the flow even more. If you are fans of our Youtube page, we actually shot a quick overview of the Neuspeed MQB discharge conversion kit as seen below.

For more information on what turbo muffler deletes are available, head over to ModdedEuros.como see if any are available for your car.

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