K04 F.A.Q.s

What there is to know about the K04 Turbo swap!

When tuning your car, you can only push your stock OEM parts so far. Running a Stage 2 tune is the furthest that many companies recommend you go on your stock K03 turbo. For those who want more, there is the K04 turbo kit. This turbo kit allows you to run a Stage 2+ and Stage 3 tune in your Audi or Volkswagen. With the K04 turbo kit and the Stage 2+ tune, you will bump up your car from its stock 200 Wheel Torque/194 Wheel Horsepower to 340 Wheel Torque/312 Wheel Horsepower.

The K04 Turbo Kit is made by several companies. Those companies are:

Audi & VW K04 Brands

When upgrading to the K04 turbo kit, there are some things that are required and some that are recommended that be on your car if you want to go K04:

  • Intake System – many companies will require that you have their brand intake system on your car if you are buying their K04 kit.
  • Exhaust system – it is required that you have an aftermarket downpipe but a cat-back exhaust is not required.
  • Upgraded Intercooler or Front Mount Intercooler – look to what brand K04 turbo kit you buy, some say this is recommended and some say it is required.
  • Transmission – it is recommended that you upgrade the clutch to withstand the high levels of torque that the car will be putting out, as well as help transfer power to the ground.
  • Spark plugs – it is recommended that you run spark plugs that are gapped to 0.024″ ±0.002″ or 0.6mm ±0.05mm with a change interval of 10-15,000 mi or 16-24,000 km.
  • Fuel Pump – it is required that you upgrade to a high pressure fuel pump.
  • Fuel injectors – upgraded fuel injectors is required by some brands but not all.


What do you get when you buy a K04 Turbo Kit

Unitronic 2.0 TSI Gen2 K04 Kit - UH001-BTA

Here is a list of all the hardware include when you order the Unitronic Gen2 K04 Kit for MK6 GTI with a 2.0 TSI Gen2 motor

  • Unitronic Stage 2+ Performance Software (Specially Designed for Unitronic K04 Kit)
  • Unitronic modified OEM Borg Warner K04-0064 Turbocharger
  • Unitronic Diverter Valve Relocation Silicone Reroute Hose
  • Unitronic Compressor Outlet Silicone Hose
  • Unitronic Compressor Inlet Silicone Hose with DV Reroute Port
  • Unitronic CNC Aluminum Diverter Valve Relocation Adapter
  • DV Mounting Screws (3x)
  • Unitronic Throttle Body Pipe Silicone Coupler with DV Reroute Port
  • Unitronic Hose Clips (2)
  • DV Harness Extension
  • Boost Cap for Throttle Body Pipe
  • CNC Aluminum PCV Port Block-Off
  • PCV Port Block-Off O-Ring
  • PCV Port Block-Off Screws (2x)
  • OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • OEM Oil Return Flange Gasket
  • OEM Oil Feed Line Crush Washers (2)
  • OEM Coolant Feed Line Crush Washers (2x)
  • OEM Coolant Return Line Crush Washers(2x)
  • OEM Exhaust Manifold Nuts (9x)
  • Downpipe Mounting Studs (4x)
  • Downpipe Mounting Nuts (4x)
  • High Grade European Style Hose Clamps (9x)


For more info here is a link to our K04 kit from Unitronic for an MK5 and MK6 GTI



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