ECU & DSG Tune Upgrades for Your Audi / VW

Here at Modded Euros we are a big fan of ECU tuning. The ability to flash your Audi or VW right from the comfort of home makes getting some serious horsepower even easier. Gone are the days of going to a shop to tune your car. With a tuning cable, your laptop and an internet connection flashing takes no more than 30 minutes!

But tuning is not just easy for those who are not tuned, we also offer the ability for you to upgrade the tune in your car just as easy. For those customers who already have Unitronic or Integrated Engineering tunes, we make it super easy to upgrade your tune.

Just navigate to the Stage tune you want to purchase, and in the dropdown select what level tune you already are flashed.

Ex. Purchasing a stage 2 upgrade.

Add to cart

Checkout with tune upgrade

And finish the checkout.

The team at Modded Euros will then verify your account, prepare your tune file and add it to your Unitronic or Integrated Engineering account. Once the tune is ready to be flashed you will get a confirmation email from our system.

Its’ that easy! Ready to upgrade your ECU or DSG tune?

Integrated Engineering
Integrated Engineering Unitronic

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