CARB Compliance and What Does it Mean to Enthusiasts?

As you get into modifying your Audi, BMW or Volkswagen and more specifically its’ engine you may start to hear these 4 letters in a row here and there…CARB. So what is CARB and should you care?

CARB refers to an environmental protection agency named the California Air Resources Board. Their key main focus is on emissions that are related to products which have engines and emit gases into the air. What CARB requires in California as well as many other states which are jumping on the bandwagon is that each system meets the regulatory emissions requirements set forth by the administration for these products. If approved, the system will be issued an Executive Order (EO) number. This number when referenced will than inform a smog inspector that the intake system does not cause the vehicle to be in violation of state emissions standards.

Each year a new vehicle comes out, a resubmission to CARB is required and this time to go through the regulatory process for manufacturers is lengthy not to mention there is no guarantee the system will be found acceptable for each successive model year.

Neuspeed CARB EO Sticker

Neuspeed CARB EO Sticker

Not many aftermarket intake companies offer CARB compliant systems or even within those brands offer all of their products to be CARB compliant. Some of the brands which Modded Euros carries which offer CARB compliant intake systems are select products of Neuspeed and K&N Filters .

States that have adopted California emission standards include: Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.*



So although you may be ready to modify your car you may need to take this into consideration when it comes time to select your next performance modification.  But don’t worry as when browsing we make it easy to browse which items are CARB certified or not by using our CARB product page filtering function onsite. Just check “yes” and view all products which currently are CARB certified. We also make note on each product page if an item is CARB certified.

Modded Euros CARB Filter

CARB Certified Filtering on

For more information on CARB compliance please visit the California Air Resources Board website.





*Modded Euros provides not guarantee or hold any responsibility for this list to up to date but at time of writing are providing information supplied to us by manufacturers. Please check with your local inspection and emissions laws and regulations prior to purchasing automotive products.

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