B8 Oil Consumption

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Do you drive a B8 Audi and constantly have the warning light coming on telling you your oil level is low?

It has been seen that many B8 Audis have an abnormally high oil consumption. It is said that 1 quart is burned every 1500 miles so refilling your car with oil in between oil changes is a common thing and this is seen as “normal” by Audi dealerships.

Many people have reported that they have taken their cars to Audi dealerships and oil consumption tested and passed by Audi’s standards. While others have had their motors replaced by Audi for they consumption being too high.

Audi has recognized that there is a problem with their cars and they are taking ownership of this issue with their vehicles. If are having this problem, it is recommended that you call Audi of America and they will tell you what dealership to bring your vehicle to. They will first perform an oil consumption test to check how your car is running then if it is performing poorly they will do a “Stage 1” repair that replaces the:

  • Crankcase vent and Seal
  • A multipurpose inspection

If you are still experiencing black smoke out the tailpipe and excessive oil consumption, Audi will have you bring your car back in and they will perform an oil consumption test. If you fail they will perform a “Stage 2” repair that replaces the:

  • Rings and Pistons

During the time that your car is in the shop, Audi will give you a loaner car free of charge as well as performing all of this free of charge, labor and parts included.


It may seem aggravating to be back and forth to an Audi dealership to fix the problem but testing for oil consumption is a 2-3 step process that takes time. It was stated from an Audi tech that the “first step is a TSB that replaces the PCV valve, crank seal & bolt, and a software update. Then they have you bring it back to check on the consumption rate after that. If it is out of limits, Audi will provide you with a replacement of the pistons and rings.”

There is a cap form the dealer can fill out after performing the TSB and all steps have been done through Audi tech line that the dealership can fill out and request assistance for them to cover the replacement. The Audi tech then went on to say that he has done 5 or 6 at his own dealership and only 1 had been under base warranty and the Audi dealership has covered the rest.

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