What is Secondary Air Injection (SAI)?

Certain Audi’s and Volkswagens are equipped with a Secondary Air Injection systems which run off the stock air intake box. It is important to know if your car is equipped with this system as you will need to purchase a secondary air filter when installing an aftermarket intake.

Below are some of the most common SAI locations per vehicle:

2008-2013 Audi 8P A3 & A3 Quattro

2009-2017 Volkswagen CC

2010-2017 MK6 Volkswagen Jetta

2010-2014 Mk6 Volkswagen GTI

2008-2010 Volkswagen Passat

2015-2017 MK7 Volkswagen GTI

2015-2017 MK7 Volkswagen Golf

2015-2017 8V Audi A3

If your car is equipped with an SAI you can pick up the DFG Secondary Air Filter

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