What is a Sway Bar?

Have you heard of a sway bar, but don’t know what it is?

We will tell you!


A sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar is a part of your suspension that helps with how your car reacts to taking a corner to higher speeds. With a sway bar, your car will have less body roll as it will stiffen up your car. Each car has a front and a rear sway bar.

How does a sway bar work?

The sway bar connects your control arms together. It makes independent parts, one part essentially allowing there to be an even weight distribution in that part of the car, leveling out the vehicle. For example, if one wheel hits a bump, the sway bar will lift the other wheel up with cause, allowing the car to stay level at all times.

Why install a sway bar?

Installing something that will allow you to take a corner at higher speeds may not be essential in a daily driver, however, it will certainly help the handling on a car that is taken to the race track or to an autocross course.

Sway bars are an adjustable feature in that there are a few holes on each end to give you and your ride a variety of driving styles. After the front and rear sway bars have been installed, it is recommended that the front is set to full stiff (which is the innermost of the holes) and the rear to full soft (outermost holes, closest to the ends). This setup will give your car a reasonable understeer baseline. From there, you can tune the bars to your driving style.

Sway Bar

*Note that not all sway bars have three adjustable positions. Some have one and some have two positions.

For those cars that only have two positions, one that is stiffer (holes furthest away from the ends of the bar) and one that is softer (holes on the ends of the bar). For increased fine-tuning, you can set one side to soft and the other side to stiff. The vehicle does not know the difference from side-to-side when it comes to bar stiffness, so in effect, you have a “middle” position.

You can fine-tune the handling of your car with other parameters as well. See below for a reference chart as a guide.

Sway bar graph

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