Update: California Bill to Repeal 2018 Exhaust Noise Law Introduced

We recently covered the story about California Assembly Bill 1824 which was introduced in January 2019 in regards to noise levels for exhaust systems on vehicles in California. California has always been considered a forward thinking state and pretty tight leashed to say the least. But this bill 1824 amendment was not received well by automotive enthusiasts.

Mostly due to the feelings around the implementation of on the spot fines without consistent measurement methods, companies thought this was a harsh “at the discretion of the officer” fine that ultimately would deter enthusiasts from installing completely legal modifications in the state.

A coalition of companies formed to challenge this amendment which we covered recently as well. Consisting of companies such as AWE Tuning, Borla, Magnaflow and other brands outside the Euro market, these companies took the initiative to step up to the new law.

Looks like voicing their concerns is at least calling attention to how this bill is written and Legislation AB 390 has been introduced in California now to repeal the section of 2018 law AB 1824. This would re-institute law enforcement’s discretion to issue fix-it tickets.

How can you help? Visit the link below to help write to your local lawmaker, click to share with your friends and help spread the word.

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