Unitronic Launches Performance Software for 2019 Volkswagen GTI & GLI

On September 10, Unitronic announced the launch of their much-awaited ECU and TCU Performance Software, now available for the 2019 Volkswagen GTI and 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, equipped with the 2.0TSI MQB (DKFA) engine and 7-speed DQ381 DSG transmission.

With this software, you can optimize your vehicle’s performance, either by going to your local Unitronic Authorized Dealer, or by using the software yourself, from the comfort of your home. The software is compatible with UniConnect+ and you can program directly through the OBD-2 port.

Why choose the Unitronic performance software?

Compliance with industry standards

With this software, Unitronic maintains OEM-like reliability and drivability, because factory safety limiters were retained.

Maximum performance under all driving conditions

The Unitronic software was tested both for racing and street scenarios to ensure a smooth experience for all types of drivers. For the tests, Unitronic used GTI and Jetta models from all over the world, on various road conditions and climates. Whether you’re using your Volkswagen for city driving or you want to upgrade it for a long trip, this software will help you optimize its performance.

Improved driving experience

With the Unitronic Performance Software, drivers will be able to improve some key parameters such as engine response and torque curve. As a result, there will be less drive-by-wire lag, faster turbo spool, and you will prevent loss of traction. If you want to make your 2019 Volkswagen GTI or Jetta more responsive and easier to drive, this software will definitely pique your interest. You will also notice an improvement in driving comfort because the calibration offers a smooth operation under normal and hard acceleration.

Fuel efficiency

The software optimizes timing and injection for higher fuel efficiency. To get maximum power and fuel efficiency, high-octane fuel is recommended.

If you don’t have a Unitronic Authorized Dealer near you, you can make all these upgrades yourself using the Unitronic’s UniCONNECT+ cable, available at ModdedEuros. The cable allows you to tune ECU (Engine Control Unit) and TCU (Transmission Control Unit), as well as read and clear DTCs. All of this from the comfort of your own garage! 

Uniconnect+ Cable

You can also use the Uniconnect+ to flash your car back to stock software, without driving to a shop.

UniCONNECT+ gives you the freedom to effortlessly install your Unitronic Performance ECU and DSG Software and all you need is an Internet connection.

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