The Future is Fast…Real Fast with Audi

If you haven’t heard the news yet Audi has released news they will be bringing the much anticipated Audi RS6 Avant to the United States in 2020. This will be the first RS6 Avant to ever be sold in the US and the enthusiast community is definitely excited. Packed with a 4.0 L twin turbo V8 this wagon is no average grocery getter by any means. It lays down 591 horsepower and goes 0 to 62 in 3.6 seconds.

With comfort in mind, the RS6 Avant can be driven in 1 of 6 drive modes: comfort, auto, dynamic or efficiency mode as well as two customizable modes which are labeled RS1 and RS2. The R&D did not stop there as they also added adaptive air suspension which can be set to multiple modes including an automatic leveling control as well as being available in dynamic ride control which keeps everything under control during hard cornering.

But is Audi done with just adding one badass addition to the US market? I don’t think so….

Audi is talking all things RS lately. And they are expanding the high performance RS vehicles to 6 total models one of which looks to be the Q7 performance SUV. With the SUV market expanding more and more in the US, what historically was left for smaller vehicles, the RS lineup is planned to carry over into the larger SUV models.

Audi’s RS line are the highest performance trim in the fleet and the beauty of it is these cars are designed to be daily driven. So to add an Audi RS Q7 to the lineup makes an attractive option for a family of 7 who wants some power when they get on the gas.

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