Top 8V 2015+ Audi S3 / A3 Mods of 2019

So you picked up an 8V generation Audi S3 or A3 and got the mod bug? Tons of performance and styling options exist but where do you even begin? These mods below are top products already in 2019 or newly added that are sure to gain popularity in 2019.

Limited Budget?

The initial blow to your wallet often times is the car purchase itself. Especially for those who snagged the S3 models, you may need some time to recover from that initial spend. But you don’t always have to spend a ton of money on mods to see some impactful results.

Billet Aluminum Torque Arm Inserts

These little aluminum inserts are an affordable mod that packs a nice drivetrain improvement over stock. By adding these mounts to your Audi you can make shifting more fluid by reducing excess engine and transmission movement.

Aftermarket S3 / A3 Brake Pads

The factory brake setup in the S3/A3 isn’t bad but if you are driving your Audi hard it lacks a bit. Just by swapping out your OEM pads with something that has more bite, you can experience a nice improvement over stock. EBC yellowstuff brake pads do just that. Not planning on hitting the track periodically? The lesser priced redstuff may suit your needs.

EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads

Wheel Spacers

Looking to improve the stance of your S3 or A3 but on a budget? A wheel spacer kit is the way to do that. By pushing your OEM wheels/tires out a bit, you give your Audi a wider stance. Not only does a wider stance look better but it does improve handling a bit.

Sky is the Limit

Ok so you either got that big tax refund check or you are ready to drop some serious coin on your Audi. Where do you start? The following path below is how we build any of our project cars.

Cold Air Intake

By ditching that stock air box you free up some flow to your engine by delivering more colder air to the engine. A brand to watch is DFG Tuning who makes a nice affordable open element intake for the MQB platform.

Aftermarket Exhaust Setup

Now this is going to vary depending on which model you drive. As the A3 comes in both FWD and AWD models and the Audi S3 rear is different than the AWD A3’s.

For the AWD models, one of the up and coming popular hardware choices is Integrated Engineering’s downpipe. These downpipes are surely a top quality piece of hardware. Perfect fitment, cast front section and the perfect sound.

Driving a FWD A3? DFG Tuning has rolled out a handmade downpipe right here in the USA that is backed by an amazing manufacturer warranty. We suggest you head over to to check out the sound clips

Flashing your Audi S3 / A3 ECU

Now you can finish off your exhaust with a catback but its not necessary to go for bigger horsepower gains. By flashing your ECU to stage 2 ECU you can get the maximum amount of horsepower out of your Audi. And once again in 2019 a fan favorite in the at home tuning is Unitronic’s UniConncet+

This device allows you to upload pre-programmed software right to your car’s ECU in a matter of minutes. How much power we talking?

Audi S3 – Gain +105hp and +88 torque

Audi A3 Quattro – Gain +117 hp and +112 tq

Tighten Up that Handling

With a couple simple suspension mods you can dramatically improve how your 8V S3 / A3 handles on the road.

Neuspeed’s Front and Rear Sway bars continue to be the way to go. Manufacturing and designing performance parts for Audi/VW’s for decades they are no new comer. And in 2019 we expect them to still dominant the suspension niche. We routinely run their suspension hardware on our project cars and continue to recommend them for various applications.

By lowering your Audi’s ride height you not only improve the handling of the car but give it a nice aggressive look. ST Suspension has been a popular option for quite some time. And their X coilovers for the 2015+ Audi A3/S3 are a nice mid range coilover that offers the flexibility of ride height without compromising ride comfort.

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