To Hell and Back – 2020 Volkswagen Atlas

Spy photos have leaked on the all new 2020 Volkswagen Atlas and VW has stepped up the R&D testing on this Cross Sport SUV. If any of our readers have had the joy of going to Death California in the heat of July you know it is hell on earth.

So why did VW take their new Atlas over to Death Valley?

If an automaker’s new vehicle can survive in these conditions, it pretty much can survive anywhere on Earth. Temperature, durability and tow testing is done in this extreme environment.

So what makes this Atlas Cross Sport SUV different than the VW Atlas we already see here in production?

  • 5.7 inches is chopped from the rear of the Atlas creating a shark, raking roofline.
  • 2 Row Seating Instead of 3
  • Slightly less headroom
  • Curb Weight will be less than current Atlas models

Although the name is a little misleading, it really is not a sportier version of the Atlas but rather a more stylish one.

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