Spotlight: Malaka Motorsports Audi RS3 – The Fastest RS3?

The MQB platform has been turning heads since 2015 as this new platform which includes the Audi A3, S3 and the Volkswagen GTI / Golf R. Not only do they offer new sleek designs they have been responding well to modifications, really well.

Malaka Motorsports 2018 Audi RS3

Audi introduced a new model to the MQB platform in 2018 with the Audi RS3. A high performance model with similar styling to its popular Audi S3. But rather than feature the 4 cylinder 2.0L turbo charged engine found in the S3 lineup this RS3 featured the 5 cylinder that is just music to our ears when it is modded.

Packing 394 horsepower right off the Audi line these cars already pack a nice punch. But as enthusiasts and tuners have gotten their hands on them, they have been putting some serious numbers. At home tuning solutions allow you to flash your Audi RS3 in a matter of minutes and pickup +105hp and +142 tq with just a Stage 1+ ECU file from companies such as Unitronic.

For those who have started to push the limits of this car they are even able to put this car into the 9 second 1/4 mile club. For George and Stav Tsitlakidis aka Malaka Motorsports, this is just what they have done.

 2018 Audi RS 3 Iroz Motorsports Xona Turbo Kit

Prior to the brothers setting the quarter mile record, APR led the stock block quarter mile challenge with a 9.831 1/4 mile record at 144mph. After a few attempts at going for the record, the brothers finally honed in their setup and made the record breaking pass at 9.822 at 145mph to capture this title.

How did they pull this off?

Well under the hood is the Iroz IMS850 Xona rotor turbo kit which includes the 4 inch downpipe, tubular manifold and intercooler. Custom engine and transmission software was programmed for the setup along with a fuel system to help back the 708 hp. All that power is no good unless it gets to the ground so they went with a MMS sport suspension setup with a prototype rear drag springs.

For wheels/tires the team ended up with TSW Interlagos in 18×9.5″ wrapped in Hoosier DR2 drag radials. Minus the drag radials, most people would not even recognized this car on the street at being the world record holder as it blends right in and almost can be labeled a “sleeper.”

Want to check out some other fast Audi RS3’s? Check out the video below:

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