New G80 BMW M3 Launching mid-2020, sold as a 2021 model Spied at the Nurburgring

New BMW M3 is looking “mean” in the new spy photos taken while the car was being tested at the Nurburgring. G20 BMW 3 Series already impressed BMW lovers recently this year, and now we are all excited to see the 2021 M3 model said to be released mid-2020.

The next-gen M3 is presumed to be the most powerful, high-tech and technical impressive version out of BMW’s entire M3 series. Most people have been able to spot the prototype dubbed ‘G8’ in the spy photos recently leaked online.

In these images, you can see a BMW M3 going through some road tests. Because the car is heavenly camouflaged, there aren’t that many details you can actually notice about its appearance. With its cameo covering pretty much all of the exterior, the focal point of the vehicle remains the lower front fascia. The front air intakes appear to be massive, and the Kidney Grilles, although partially hidden under an unusually tall camouflage piece, oddly resemble Audi’s grilles from the 2000s. The grille seems to be bisected by a front-trim top to bottom. Exclusive colors and trims are expected from the new M3, and the wheels and tires are said to start at 19 inches, and going up for there.

Despite not being able to observe that many exterior details, it’s what’s under the hood that actually excites everybody. In terms of mechanics, publications say that 2021G80 BMW M3 will be using the S58 engine, one of the brand’s newest engines, an M-ified version of the B58. In standard form it will make around 473 horsepower (352 kilowatts), whereas in Competition models, it will reach 503 hp (375 kW). This means the 2021 model will be the first M3 ever to break 500 hp from the factory. So, drivers who’ll be getting the new M3 will access a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 engine.

The new model will also be the first BMW M3 in history to power all four wheels. Different sources claim that two M3 versions will be released, an all-wheel model and a rear-wheel model. The first version is said to be available with either an eight-speed automatic or a manual gearbox, while the latter will be automatic only. The M3 competition will be an all-wheel drive and automatic only, so those who want a manual will have to stick to the standard M3.

The German automaker is presumed to handle the official car release as it usually operates. After releasing the standard 3 Series earlier this year, and already having the next-gen M3 test mules going out at the Nurburgring, new teasers are expected. The model will probably be unveiled in mid-2020 and go on sale a few months after.

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