Brand Spotlight: aFe Power

aFe Power or Advanced FLOW engineering is maybe one of the most prominent automotive part manufacturers. The company’s activity focuses on cold air intake systems and a wide range of filtering systems. From air filters to fluid filters and more, you will find everything in their offer. Besides, aFe POWER is a huge manufacturer of intake manifolds, turbochargers, programmers, body spacers and exhaust systems.

Founded exactly 20 years ago, in 1999, with headquarters in Corona, California, eFe POWER has shortly become one of the most important manufacturers in the market segment.  

Today, the company’s headquarters and manufacturing plants reach the impressive dimensions of 77,000 square foot.

But this isn’t the only impressive fact about the company. The product offer includes well over 2,500 applications, all designed, tested, and manufactured in the Corona plant.

To make only the best aftermarket parts for the latest luxury car models (we’re looking at you, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen), the plant has invested a lot over the years in late technologies and equipment. To enforce standardization and qualitative products, the company employs the following technologies.

  • CAD design
  • 3D scanning
  • CNC machining
  • Flow and filtration testing
  • Dyno testing
  • Mandrel tube testing

In 2007, when diesel engines became popular, aFe introduced diesel fluid filters and associated applications.

A year later, the manufacturer released the Aries 1 and 2 filter and intake line, suitable for popular powersport applications. In 2009, aFe released a late-generation intercooler, creatively named Bladerunner. 2009 was a productive year for aFe, being the year in which the company also launched the Takeda USA intake line. The line is designed with the compact sports car in mind.

In 2011, the manufacturer released a new turbocharger and several Scorcher Programmer product lines.

Currently, the company has a wide selection of air filter media, and this includes the Pro Dry S, the Pro Guard 7 and the Pro 5R. All these filters are also available for BMW, Audi and Volkswagen cars. The products have been designed to improve air filtration and maximize airflow, and the best example is the Pro 5R air filter media. The product has been improved with a five-layer cotton gauze and its performance can be boosted by adding two extra layers of synthetic fabric.

And a company with such a rich history and marker experience couldn’t miss a couple of awards and activity milestones, could it? Well, the company has received the SEMA Global Media Award two years in a row, in 2009 and 2010, more exactly. A couple of years earlier, it has received the “Editor’s Choice Product of the Year” by a specialised magazine.  

Visit aFe’s selection and what their product line can do for your build over at .

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