Modded Euros CC

Modded CC Top View

We purchased our 2010 CC mid-summer from our friends at We picked up the CC on a Wednesday and Thursday we were already up at having a set of Solo-Werks coilovers installed and our Avant Garde M510’s mounted and balanced.

I waited a few months to write this so I could log some miles on the CC with the Solo-Werks setup. The Solo-werks S1 coilover kit is a basic height adjustable coilover kit featuring:

  • Heavy Gold Zinc Plated Housings for superb corrosion resistance
  • New Progressive elastomer bump stops
  • Silver spring perches – double lock ring design
  • Platform Specific Spring Rates and Matched Valving
  • Front 35-65mm (1.4-2.5″) Lowering Range
  • Rear 35-70mm (1.4-2.75″) Lowering Range)
  • 3 year Limited Warranty

The Avant Garde M510 Wheels looked awesome and stood up to all the rough and uneven pavement out on the road. We purchased the 19×8.5 ET 35 in Dolphin Grey which allowed for the perfect amount of form and function on the CC.

Once adjusted I had the height set around a 2.0” drop all the way around. Since it is still a daily driver I wanted to have some room in case of potholes (PA roads).  I have logged over 3000 miles so far and I have to say I am very impressed with the ride and handling of this setup. The ride is stiff but not uncomfortable, the car swallows holes in the road and bumps without any problem. Occasionally I hit a large pot hole not fixed yet, and even then I was surprised how composed the car was. Many highway trips to the beach, Dubs on the Boards, H2oi, and Dub Run gave me a really good idea of what these could handle. For an entry level coilover I am very impressed with the overall quality, ride and warranty attached to these.

About a week ago I switched back to the winter setup and raised the car back up to around stock ride height. With the increased spring travel, the comfort increased as well making for a really comfortable ride while in winter mode.

Solo-Werks CC Coilovers can be found HERE

Avant Garde M510 Wheels can be found HERE


Modded CCModded CC Upclose

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