MK6 Volkswagen GLI Motor Differences

2013/2013.5 Volkswagen GLI EA888 Motor differences

Are you looking to purchase an intake or downpipe for your 2013 Volkswagen GLI? If so, it can be confusing when you start looking at the 2013 GLI was a split model year. This means that part of the model year had the gen 1 TSI motor and the other part had the gen 3 TSI motor.  We are going to outline the simple way you can tell which engine you have in your GLI!

Let’s take a look at the Gen 1 TSI motor:

VW Gen1 TSI engine












A. The engine cover itself will be black and grey which is pictured above

B. In the intake tract, you will find a MAF sensor as shown above


Let’s take a look at the Gen 3 TSI motor:

VW Gen3 TSI engine














C. The engine cover itself is completely black as shown above

D. The car has a MAP sensor which is located in the intake manifold

E. There is no MAF sensor in the intake tract

Yes, these are small differences, but Intakes and downpipes are not interchangeable between these two motors.

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