Is the Infamous Audi 2.5L Turbocharged Engine Dead?

It sure is interesting times for gasoline engines. In an age where emissions regulations and overall downsizing of larger gasoline engines in the United States seems to be the trend, where does that put the future of the now famous 2.5L turbocharged engine found in the new Audi RS3 and Audi TTRS models?

2.5L Turbocharged Engine found in Audi RS3 / TTRS

If you are a die hard enthusiast like us you get as excited as a kid on Christmas day when you hear about these record breaking numbers being put down on the platform by the likes of Hank Iroz at Iroz Motorsports. A 9 second sedan that still can be driven on the street? Yes, yes and yes.

Photo: Iroz Motorsport‘s Audi RS3

But let’s face reality and that reality is Audi is not manufacturing to scale for the enthusiast market who plans to swap hardware and tune their cars. Sure there is aftermarket support as seen with their love by supporting the community at shows such as Waterfest. Does Audi have plans to kill this now popular engine? No. Or at least not yet.

Audi has already announced with upcoming Euro 7 regulations this could put a hinder on certain engines like the 5 cylinder but they do have some good concepts which will allow them to meet those standards.

It is no new news that Audi is already working on the next generation of Audi RS3 where rumors are circling this model is expected to produce well over 400 horsepower.

So although the fate of the overall automotive market is always evolving like it has for years, Audi is standing firm in supporting the 5 cylinder engine they have pioneered and mastered over the past 40 years.

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