Lug Bolt Saftey – Determining the correct lug bolt length

Basic Wheel Bolt Information:

  • Stock Audi & VW lug bolt Length = 27mm
  • Stock Audi & VW lug bolts are Ball Seat
  • Most aftermarket wheels need Cone Seat lug bolts! Make sure to check before ordering wheels!

Why do I need to measure my lug bolts with new wheels?

Unless specifically mentioned from the vendor or manufacturer that OEM wheel bolts can be used with your new wheel it’s important to always re-measure your bolts.

Some wheels will have a thicker mounting pad (surface of the wheel that mounts against the hub of the vehicle)

Screenshot (1)

Determining the correct lug bolt length:

1. Measure Shank Length of your lug bolt


2. Slide lug bolt into an unmounted wheel


3. Measure exposed shank on the back side of the wheel

4. You want 17mm of exposed shank in order to properly secure your wheel to the hub.

40mm Lug Bolt – Exposed threads (30mm) = 10mm
10mm+17mm = 27mm which is the proper size lug bolt you would need for your vehicle.

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