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If you are like us here in PA, we are sick and tired of all this snow this year. Shovel and road salt are not a VAG enthusiasts friend. Show season can’t come fast enough.

2013 was an awesome year. We had a blast attending Waterfest, H2O and a bunch of local shows. With 2014 looking to be an awesome year, we wished enthusiasts like ourselves had one place that showed what was happening in the VW/Audi scene.

And from that wish was born. We have been compiling a list of all the VW/Audi shows across the United States and updating it with whatever information we can find. If you happen to coordinate a show that is not listed or notice a listing needs to be changed, please use the Submit a Listing form to let us know and we are happy to update it.

This being a new side project, we always welcome feedback. Let us know what you think of the idea, share it with other enthusiasts to get feedback and let us know of any shows we are missing. We will sort through all the submissions and get them up as soon as possible.

-Team at

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