B5 and B5.5 Passat Facelifts

Can you tell the difference between the B5 and B5.5 Passats?

Well we are here to show you how you can




On the B5.5 front rub strips only go around the corner of the bumper, one on either side, while on the B5 the front rub strip is one piece that goes front one side to the other on the front bumper.

The B5.5 has chrome trim that is on rub strips on the bumpers as well as on the rub strips on the doors. It also has chrome window trim, and chrome trim that goes around the grill itself.

The headlamps on the B5 come in two parts, the turn signals are separate from the rest of the headlamp. While on the B5.5 the turn signals have been integrated with the rest of the headlamp.

The B5.5 has a wider stance and has more distinctive fender flares all the way around.

One the rear end of the car, the B5.5 has a multicolor taillight that is a different shape than the all red taillight that is found on the B5 Passat.

front end



On the B5 has front cup holders in a pop out section on the bottom of the front console. While the B5.5 has two cup holders in the center console next to the e brake handle.

The cluster with all of the gauges is an updated style with a large MFA.

Under the Hood

Unlike the B5, the B5.5 has a cover that goes over the battery to conceal it.

The B5.25

There is also a rare model that has the front end of a B5.5 and the rest of the car is a B5.

Unlike the B5 that has a 4 Motion insignia on the shift knob as well as there is no insignia on the trunk lid.

This model has a solid rear suspension/axle: no independent rear suspension, rear axle, drive shaft, etc.



Has an Insignia on the shift knob as well as on the rear trunk lid.

Has an independent rear suspension, drive shaft, rear axle, etc.


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