2020 Volkswagen Golf MK8 Officially Revealed

The speculation and anticipation of the all new MK8 platform by Volkswagen finally can come to an end. We have written about spy shots in the past and what has been rumored to be the new platform but we finally can put that all to rest as VW just released the official photos of the all new 2020 VW Golf MK8.

Initial impressions are pretty good amongst the community. One thing to note up front is these are pictures of the Golf not the GTI. Traditionally the Golf is the more non performance oriented model by VW. So taking that into consideration we think the new 2020 VW Golf looks pretty good.

The front end of the car does instantly highlight a few changes over the prior MK7 generation. Headlights featuring a slimmer design along with daytime running lights. The center grille is a bit smaller with the VW emblem standing out more.

Underneath the grille you can see a more aggressive and wide open air ducting and chrome accents.

Overall the body of the new MK8 2020 platform does appear to have sleeker lines and the side body has a more pronounced line as seen near the door handles.

On the rear of the car you can see a bit more rakish rear window and improved lighting package. One thing which our inner OCD is happy with is the appearance of the dual faux exit exhaust in the bumper.

Going inside the new MK8 you are welcomed with a pretty big change. A digital dashboard welcomes the driver and a more modern free standing infotainment system which is fairly popular on interior auto design in present day.

European deliveries are set to begin in early 2020 with North America to follow shortly after. Who else is excited to see this new platform hit the states?

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