2020 Brings the New Audi A8 and Q7, Coming in Plug-In Electric Models

Reaching this point in terms of electric cars took a lot of time, patience and, most importantly, innovation. But look at Audi now, releasing two new plug-in electric models. The new model line-up that Audi has prepared for car enthusiasts is truly an exciting one, and maybe the most thrilling news is about the new A8 and Q7 models.

The new plug-in electric A8 model – An Overview

The new A8 model was completely redesigned back in 2019, so in terms of design, we are not expecting huge changes for the 2020 model. In 2019, we have seen a completely new look, huge interior upgrades, and a more athletic posture.

Apart from being a literally and figuratively a green model, the A8 will come with a ton of other big improvements in 2020. When it comes to tech updates, the 2019 model came with wider upper and lower screens. The upper screen measured a total of 10.3 inches and a generous 8.6-inch lower screen. A new addition was the 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster.

The manufacturer has released other improvements for the new A8 model. In 2020, we will enjoy a smart predictive suspension system. It will use cameras to scan the road, and this allows the vehicle to adjust the damping force to compensate for the road conditions identified by the cameras.

The new model will also receive the same turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 and eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox, just like its older brother. Able to deliver 335 horsepower, the car will easily reach 0-60mph in under 6 seconds. 5.6 seconds, more exactly. At most, the new Audi A8 can reach a maximum speed of 130 mph.

The new plug-in electric Q7 model

The new Q7 model will be meaner, faster, and better than the previous models, according to Audi officials. With an advanced infotainment system, all-wheel drive and generous seating for seven, the car has attracted luxury buyers in flocks since it was released, back in 2015.

For a green model, the new Q7 is surprisingly efficient. Although for an off-roader, going plug-in seems a little off, it performs impressively. When charged efficiently, the car won’t have to burn a drop f fuel. The electric motor and petrol engine together put out 449bhp, which is more than enough even for an off-roader. Thanks to the pressure point on the 60 TFSIe, the manufacturer encourages users to stay on electric for as long as possible. For those who want it, the model will even send pulses through the pedal to make you lift off.

Even once the electric battery is gone, the Q7 turns into a complete SUV beast. But this means you’ll also put a ton of money into gas for this safe but heavy vehicle. So, charge it frequently to enjoy the real perks of an electric vehicle. The 2020 Q7 will come with two electric engine versions 375bhp 55 TFSIe and 449bhp 60 TFSIe.

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