VW Changing Its Logo In Wake Of Introductions Of New Electric Models

The future is now for Volkswagen. The company has adopted a new logo prior to its 2020 introduction of five new electric cars. It appears that the German automaker is phasing out the internal combustion engine and replacing it with a brand new electric powertrain. It figures that the new models represent a new Volkswagen and the new logo is meant to define it.

The logo retains the iconic letters VW and the configuration of the letters are the same with the V located over the top of the middle of the W. The new incarnation is slightly curved outward and the letters have more of a 3-dimensional appearance. Volkswagen describes it as being more modern and up to date.

New Volkswagen Logo

The company has changed its local periodically ever since it was first used in 1939. Modifications were made in 1948, 1960, 1967, 1978, 2000, and 2012. The logo is why Volkswagen has been known as VW for short, especially by fans. “Volkswagen” in German means the people’s car. The company was started after Adolf Hitler requested Porsche design a car that was affordable.

VW Logo History

Company executives have said that a new logo was necessary because the old one looked “too German and unemotional.”

The logo is said to be the company’s attempt to polish its image after it had to buy back more than 400,000 cars for non-compliant emissions systems since 2016.

The new electric models are based on a series of concept cars tagged with the “I.D.” name.

One of the five is an electric Golf hatchback. That car is expected to be available only in Europe. The models have been dubbed the I.D. Crozz, I.D. Lounge, and the I.D. AEROe.

One of the first electric models to be introduced in recent advertisements is a Volkswagen van that looks similar to the VW van of the 1960s. The style has been somewhat modernized and it includes neon lights.

The company hopes to sell about 1 million electric cars per year starting in 2025. It has been said that it plans to introduce 30 different electric models across multiple brands in coming years.

VW has also acknowledged that electric models will be built in North America after 2020.

Volkswagen conceived the strategy of turning more toward electric cars in a plan called “Transform 2025+.”  The scheme focuses on the expansion of electric car production, more of an emphasis in connectivity, and other ideas to improve the VW Group’s profit margins.

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