Volkswagen ID R’s Nurburgring Record Details Released

We already recently covered how badass the Volkswagen ID R is in some prior blog posts but VW just released some details about their record setting pass at the Nurburgring.

To accomplish the record setting pass the ID R only consumed just 24.7 kWh of battery which is about 55% of its 45-kWh maximum battery capacity. VW made it a point to mention that is equivalent to 25% of the energy a GT3 class race car requires to get around the Nordschleife which is 12.92 miles.

During this record setting run at Nurburgring, about 9.2% of the battery came through brake regeneration. To help maintain the pace throughout the run, driver Romain Dumas activated the ID R’s drag reduction system 23 times.

I think we all can agree Volkswagen is making a statement with their R&D in electric vehicles with this ID R. Not only breaking records but also by publicly showing their data behind it.

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