Say Goodbye to the Volkswagen Golf R in 2020

That’s right VW is cutting the Volkswagen Golf R from the 2020 model lineup. Does that mean the fate is set for this popular AWD powerhouse? Not at all. VW just released a press release stating it is just no longer going to be in production under the MK7 platform.

Photo Credit: Unitronic

Enthusiasts will just need to wait for the upcoming MK8 platform to see their Golf R again. No timeframe is currently set when the MK8 VW Golf R will roll out as a VW spokesperson has stated “timing on the next gen Golf R has yet to be decided.”

Naturally the next generation of Golfs will hit European markets first. The regular Golf and GTI models hitting market for the 2021 model year.

One thing to also note is VW is trimming more models from the 2020 lineup such as the regular Golf. You will only be able to get the hatchback in one trim labeled Value Edition instead of the S and SE which was offered in 2019. Pricing for the Value Edition is not set but given the Golf S starts at $22,740 it will be interesting to see where VW prices themselves.

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