MK5 Golf/GTI Resonator Delete

Want to improve the sound of your car without buying an expensive exhaust system? Have your resonator removed. On your TSI or FSI motor, you have a downpipe with the catalytic converter that comes off of the turbo, that twists over to the resonator that then curves to the muffler and out the exhaust tips. The purpose of the resonator is to filter out the sound at specific RPM’s that the muffler does not. By removing the resonator you are allowing your car to produce a louder “gargled”. This mod does not increase your car’s performance nor does it affect your gas mileage. On average you will find yourself paying anywhere from $50 to $80 to have a shop do the job for you.


Please Note:

Check your local State laws as it is illegal in New Jersey and California to tamper with ones exhaust and it is considered a class three misdemeanor. If a shop is caught removing ones resonator they can be fined and may not do any exhaust work as a result of this.


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