Featured Brand: CSF Radiators

Longevity, Efficiency, And High Tech Defines CSF Radiators

Manufacturer of intercooler cores, caps and radiators for an assortment of automotive brands including Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen and headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California, CSF Radiators derived from a business that was created in 1947 as a small retail store that traded and sold automotive parts. It then evolved into an automotive garage that repaired radiators before it officially became CSF.

From day one the entity was always a family-owned affair starting from a partnership of three brothers and their father. It was the first company to introduce radiators for import applications into the automotive aftermarket soon after foreign car manufacturers Honda, Datsun (later to be Nissan), and Toyota had introduced dealerships into the United States.

By the time the fourth generation of the family joined the business in 2009, the company had built a reputation in the trade as a leading manufacturer of import and domestic radiators and condensers. To prove the point, it had sold more than 650,000 radiators despite a recession, which was savaging the country that year.

As 2019 began, it had sold more than 35 million units, is selling specialized cooling systems for commercial trucks, and industrial and agricultural applications, as well as marine coolers. It also includes a racing and high performance division.

The company now sells cooling systems for more than 117 different applications including high performance all-aluminum, direct-fit replacement radiators to custom applications for race cars, power sports, off-road, marine, and industrial uses.

CSF Radiators owns three manufacturing facilities and a global cooling network. Products are designed and manufactured in-house.

A staff of engineers designs the products and then creates blueprints and detailed drawings before any manufacturing takes place. This assures that the product includes the proper fitment and ultimate cooling efficiency.

The all-aluminum radiators include B-tubes made in the company’s own six stage tube mill. The facilities also include an automated core-building machine that was designed in-house.

The company facilities also include six axis CNC machines that produce the brackets, mounting, and fixtures. CSF is the first manufacturer to use the technology for the construction of cooling systems.

The facilities also include an aluminum-brazing oven with temperature control, a digital monitoring system, a welding station that assembles racing and high performance radiators, a wind-tunnel that assures maximum airflow and is also used for salt spraying and debris testing, and a vibration testing machine that can perform leak, salt-spray, impulse, burst cycle, and wind tunnel testing.

So far in 2019, CSF has released a new high-performance dual-pass universal heat exchanger, MQB cooling components, a BMW B58 high-performance heat exchanger and N 54 intercooler, and intercooler cores for fabrication.

Designed for fabricators, the dual-pass universal heat exchanger is a liquid-to-air intercooled system in which the air is cooled by a liquid typically water. Therefore, it requires a radiator to cool the water running through it.

The MQB cooling components has been designed to take care of the overheating problems common on MQB platforms. It keeps engine water, transmission fluid and engine oil temperatures at ideal levels, even under the harshest racing conditions.

CSF MQB Radiator

The BMW B58 high-performance heat exchanger is designed for the BMW F-series vehicles and reduces the water temperatures in the charge cooling cycle to reduce and stabilize the intake air temperatures of the engine.

The intercooler cores for fabrication are 15.5-inches high, 10-inches in length, and 3.6-inches in width when a 5.65-watt fan is installed. It also features the world’s largest two-row core at 3.5-inches and CSF’s B-tube technology. It also looks great with a one-hour hand polished mirror finish.

So if you are looking to upgrade your cooling system in your Audi, BMW or VW for track or heavy street use head over to ModdedEuros.com and check out CSF’s line of cooling products.

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