Audi & Volkswagen Wheel Spacer FAQ

How to decide on spacer thickness?

1. Park your car on a level surface and make sure the wheels are straight.
2. Use the photo below to find how much room in mm (millimeters) you have.












3. Once you have the measurement of the gap, remember to leave a few mm of clearance so you don’t experience any rubbing
issues. (Example: Gap = 15mm, Ideal spacer size: 10-12mm)

What Is My Center Bore Size?

If you use our vehicle selector on the top of the website you will be automatically directed to the proper spacer page for your
application. If you have a Volkswagen you most likely have a 57.1 center bore. If you have an Audi you can either have a 57.1 or
66.6 Center bore. The 66.6 center bore will most likely be found on 2010+ Audi models (A4,S4,A6,S6,A7,S7,RS7)

Do I need longer Wheel Bolts for Spacers? YES, YOU DO!

This is a very common question. The answer is, Yes!
1. Stock Lug bolt length = 27mm
2. How to find the proper lug bolt size for your spacers
a. Stock Lug Bolt Length + Spacer size = Proper Lug Bolt Length Needed
b. Ex: 27mm + 15mm = 42mm
3. If you can’t find that exact bolt size round up to the next bolt size (As long as it’s within 2-3mm).
4. Once you tighten the lug bolts make sure the wheel spins freely before driving the car. This is done to check for any
clearance issues.
5. *Important*: Make sure you at least have 12mm of load bearing shaft length or 7.5 turns.

What is hub height?

The vehicle hub is shown below. The hub is where your spacer sits. Making sure you have the proper hub clearance is very
important. Below you can see how to properly measure hub height in MM. Make sure to check the fitment table on the product
page to see if you vehicle is listed.
*Note* If your hub height is greater than the spacers clearance, it will not sit properly on hub causing vibrations and possible

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